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Wine Club Memberships

JCB Surrealist Wine

JCB Collector Club

Secure our most highly-rated wines from France and California.  

Legendary winery events with Jean-Charles Boisset, highly rated wines, and curated personal service provided by The Girls and the Grape exceed any traditional wine club.


Wine Society

Complimentary membership!  

Receive a quarterly wine shipment that includes an immediate 20% Savings on all Purchases + Shipping Discounts with Exclusive Access to the Boisset Wine Society lifestyle! Customize every shipment!

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Get in touch and we'll help you decide which membership is right for you.

Taste our Wines


In-Person and

Virtual Tastings

Looking for a fun way to connect with friends and family online? Or an engaging event concept to appeal to your organization's donors, clients or colleagues? We can create a memorable event just for you!

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Wine Dinners

Your chef or mine?  Hosting a special occasion, dinner with business colleagues or an intimate dinner for that special someone?  We've partnered with local chefs and can create an event that will be elegant, sophisticated and memorable.  

Your table awaits.

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Wine Dinners

The Sabrage Experience

We love all the rituals of champagne, from the release of the wire cage to that first effervescent pour. But the most exciting ceremony is the traditional art of sabrage, using an authentic saber to open a bottle of sparkling wine.​

In The Girls & The Grape sabrage experience, you'll receive one-on-one instruction to teach you the proper technique of opening a bottle of Champagne using impact from the blunt side of a saber.   

This experience can be a stand-alone activity or an add-on to any of our services.

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