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Make It HALL This Fall!

The Girls and the Grape are pleased announce our partnership with Hall wines!  HALL’s estate vineyards encompass more than 500 acres of classic Bordeaux varietals; Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc. Premier winegrowers in the region, the Halls have a strong respect for the environment and a commitment to cutting-edge vineyard technology to yield the highest quality grapes. Through meticulous attention to detail in the vineyards, HALL wines are able to express the unique and diverse character of Napa Valley’s soils and climate.  Under the artisan-ship of winemaker Megan Gunderson, HALL Wines continue to set new heights in Napa Valley winemaking. We invite you to discover HALL!

Artisan Collection only available for purchase directly from the Tasting Room or online.

BACA Wines

Gutsy, Intense & Inspired.

Bounding headlong into some of California’s most noted growing regions, we sourced the most intriguing Zinfandel grapes for our wines. Grapes from gorgeously old vines and historic areas, which we transformed using masterful winemaking techniques into wines that reflect the unique places in which they’re grown. The result is complex, charismatic Zinfandels that pair beautifully well with both food and adventure.

WALT Wines

Kathryn Hall's parents, Bob and Dolores Walt, were dedicated winegrowers who loved the land and each other. Our family produced six different varietals that we sold to several great wineries. For my parents, growing grapes was a shared family vision—a view of well cared for vines out the kitchen window, starting early in the day doing what you really love, the satisfaction of a hard day’s work, the feeling of peace walking through the vineyard before sunset.

Special Offers!

BACA, WALT and Hall Wines are pleased to bring you these special offers!

HALL - $1 shipping or 6 bottles or more!

HALL - 10% off a case purchase!

BACA - $1 shipping on 6 bottles or more!

BACA - 10% off a case purchase!

WALT - $1 shipping on 6 bottles or more!

WALT - 10% off a case purchase!

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