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The Sabrage Experience

“Champagne: in victory, one deserves it; in defeat, one needs it."

Napoleon Bonaparte

We love all the rituals of champagne, from the release of the wire cage to that first effervescent pour. But the most exciting ceremony is the traditional art of sabrage, using an authentic saber to open a bottle of sparkling wine.

The legend behind sabrage is connected to The French Revolution when Napoleon, a noted fan of Champagne, would take victorious rides through the countryside.  As he

and his cavalry passed through the towns, villagers lined the streets to toss them bottles of Champagne in celebration. Unable to open the bottles by hand from their horses, the soldiers simply struck them open using their sabers.

In The Girls & The Grape sabrage experience, you'll receive one-on-one instruction to teach you the proper technique of opening a bottle of Champagne using impact from the blunt side of a saber. You’ll also receive that same bottle of Boisset Collection's Champagne, newly opened by your own hand to enjoy.  

This experience can be a stand-alone activity or an add-on to any of our services.

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